The first festival of the Mesoamerican Reef System is held in Akumal

Riviera Maya, March 15, 2021. The Mesoamerican Reef System is the second-largest reef system in the world. It constitutes a key place for the protection of biodiversity, including sea turtles, more than 60 types of corals, and more than 500 species of fish that are in danger of extinction.

Millions of tourists visit the region every year, attracted by the opportunity to dive into secluded places to get to know it.

The MBRS not only represents unique biodiversity that deserves protection but also provides environmental services that are essential for communities. More than two million people depend directly on the marine resources of this Reef System for their survival, in addition to providing protection of the coasts when strong storms hit.

With the aim of educating and raising awareness of the care and importance of the reef on our coasts of Quintana Roo, the Akumal Ecological Center (CEA) in collaboration with the Eco-Bahía Foundation, organize the First SAM Festival with a very complete and educational program.

Due to the current health situation, it was carried out in a virtual way, broadcasting live on social networks. The place chosen as the venue for the transmission of the event was within the facilities of Bahia Principe Grand Tulum and in particular the area for the recreation of the smallest Zamá Fun Area, an ideal place for the development of children’s activities.

At 3:00 p.m. The activities began with the presence of the Director of Eco-Bahía, Biol. Katia Cordourier and the Director of CEA Dr. Héctor Lizárraga who welcomed the program of activities with the presence of professionals, a small group of students, and teachers.

The students of the Hekab Be Library, with the guidance of their director, presented the play «Alegría en el Arrecife», where disguised as different species of fauna and flora of the reef and with costumes made by themselves with recyclable materials, we showed the importance of caring for the reef. We enjoyed Guignol theater by the Kanan Group with the story «Sapo Salva Manglar», talks about the importance of Environmental Education as a tool to take care of the reef «Environmental Education for all», given by Eng. Elizabeth Bautista and the artistic exhibition and description of the model of the “Mesoamerican Reef” made with recycled material and the creativity of young people from the Kanan group with the explanation of the M. en C. Ma. José Hernández.

It is also important to thank Dr. José Adán Caballero, Director of the Yucatán Scientific Research Center, M. en C. Baruch Figueroa Coordinator of the Coastal Ecosystems Program and M. en C. Iván Penié Research Coordinator of the Akumal Ecological Center, for their valuable contribution and sharing their knowledge.

We are very grateful on behalf of the Eco-Bahía Foundation and all of us who collaborate in Bahia Principe Riviera Maya for the invitation to this first MBRS Festival, which we are sure will be the first of many.

Continuing with our «Environmental Education» program, we carry out various activities together with the community to raise awareness in both children and adults of the care not only of the reef but of the entire environment, natural resources, their importance, and the actions that we must take as they are good environmental practices. commented Katia Cordourier, director of the Ecological Foundation.

At 7:30 p.m., the festival ended with a closing ceremony and we were full of joy for the call and to be able to take the message to many reef care homes on our shores.


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