Akumal’s new buoys

Actualizado: 9 de feb de 2021

In June of this year, a company hired by the Harbor Captain of Playa del Carmen began installing new buoys for the zoning of Akumal Bay.

The buoy system is part of the “Safe Beaches Program” created by the federal government and overseen by the Harbor Captain. This system has been used in other parts of this coastline.

The process from inception to implementation took almost two years as consensus was needed to be reached by local tour operators. That consensus was never arrived at, which is why the Port Captain used the already established “Safe Beaches Program” for Akumal. However, staff from CEA’s Coastal Management Program who were included in the committee provided perspectives based on scientific research on such topics as recommendations for the sustainable use of the bay, conservation of the ecosystems, and the safe usage of the bay by swimmers/snorkelers. We did not determine the size or the colors of the buoys.

The objective of the new buoy system is to establish safe and efficient use of the beach and the bay for both boats and humans.

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